Our customers' thoughts about the value we've brought them

"Andy Bounds recently helped Barclays secure a £2.6billion deal, one of our largest ever.

Their techniques helped us provide clarity and guidance in this complex, multi-stakeholder transaction. We were always one or more steps ahead of every other bank involved, so much so that we completed the deal one whole week ahead of everyone's expectations.

I firmly believe that we became the client's trusted advisors because we adopted the ‘Andy Bounds approach' throughout."

"Your simple, yet highly effective, strategies are not only valuable, but totally relevant for anyone wishing to be an effective communicator - particularly when faced with making client or proposal presentations and trying to win business.!

"Thanks to your input, this was the best conference that any of our audience could remember - we've never experienced a reception like it."

“Andy Bounds’s insights save me literally hours per week.

His practical, easy-to-implement steps on improving communication will save anybody time. For instance, my conference calls now last half the time they used to (and are much more interesting!). Also, I find that my presentations get more favourable responses, emails replied to instantly and meetings run with a sense of pace and direction like never before.

He has changed the effectiveness of my communication, and that of my colleagues. The most practical communication advice on the market.”

“When it comes to your company increasing its ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients, Andy is unique in his ability to take you to a new level.

I have used Andy to make business-critical changes in how companies understand and perform communication, and I do not hesitate in giving him my wholehearted recommendation.

The AFTERs (you’ll get used to that word!) I’ve benefitted from by using Andy’s unique capabilities are solid, positive, highly visible step changes in the way companies communicate with their clients, making a near immediate positive impact on the bottom line.

I’ve bet my job a couple of times on Andy’s unique skills, methodology and experience, and I have got a positive result every time.”

"Andy has a unique ability to captivate and inspire his audiences; and it's amazing – if not fantastic – to watch the light go on as people ‘get it’. Andy is top of the list of people I recommend. I believe he's giving us an advantage over our competitors.”

"The new vision is really making a difference. The clarity and simplicity of the messages that you helped create has enabled me to get a lot of buy-in. People can see how it hangs together, makes sense and will ‘make things better’."

“Andy's work is legendary at Ketchum. He connected immediately with our senior teams, and has inspired them to new ways of doing and thinking. His authentic and engaging style makes working with him a pleasure.”

“Since working with you, our training material has been transformed. In our opinion, there is nothing in the market at the calibre of our new material and content. Your methods are now ingrained in everything we do.”

"Andy's enthusiasm and charisma provided one of the best motivational sessions we have seen to date."

"Andy Bounds taught me more about effective communicating than a lady who'd previously taught two US Presidents."

"Andy Bounds changed the way we do everything! We now view the world entirely differently than we did.

Every single conversation that we have uses his stuff and the change in our results has been dramatic.

His AFTERs-based approach to articulating value is quite simply the best thing out there. It's a better way to sell. It's an easier way to sell. And the strange thing is that, once you've heard it, it's totally obvious. But nobody does it.

He has caused a paradigm shift in the way we operate."

“Andy Bounds did a great job for us turning an old topic of sales/marketing communications into an exciting and improved area of working. He works well with large groups and provides a high energy session."

"Andy Bounds sales training has been one of the successes of the decade."

"I learned more about sales pitching in that hour than any other hour I can remember."

"Andy Bounds is a truly exceptional sales trainer. I had the honour of judging Andy at the 2008 British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards. Needless to say, Andy won the award and was in a class of his own.

He clearly demonstrated why he is widely regarded as one of the best sales trainers in Europe."

"Inspirational, practical and yet so simple, Andy’s techniques have changed the way I do business. And the results I have seen are phenomenal!"

“We have just won our largest contract, over €300m. Your work helped us differentiate ourselves from the competition, ultimately leading to a highly successful bid.”

“Unlike many speakers I have encountered, Andy engages with the audience immediately, interacts and keeps them interested. He is the perfect speaker for a large conference event. He kept sceptical lawyers captivated for two, seemingly effortless hours, and with his ‘AFTERs’ concept, guarantees you take something useful away with you.

I have yet to encounter a more accomplished, engaging and entertaining speaker.”

“Andy is quite simply THE best sales consultant I’ve come across. His material is first rate and his brand reputation is incredibly positive amongst professionals, clients and fellow speakers. If you want to convert more sales leads and increase your sales revenue, whatever your business, you must talk to Andy. Oh, and he is a thoroughly nice guy!”

“The best endorsement of Andy has to be the difference his short time with this firm has made. His impact was immediate but, better than that, lasting. His ability to get the brains of lawyers looking at the actual value they really provide – and how to express that – is second to none. This firm has changed.”

“Andy did a great job of presenting at our regional meeting, taking the subject matter of ‘working together’, a subject we all know about but don’t really think about often enough… He made it interactive, vibrant, relevant and memorable. The ‘test’ was not to have the Blackberries come out…and they didn’t! Well done!

The best compliment that I can pay Andy is that we have now hired him to come back to speak at our Global Shareholder Conference.”