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Only two things matter with conferences: (1) people enjoy the day and (2) your business improves as a result. We help guarantee your next conference achieves both

"Andy Bounds is an amazing speaker. He spoke to 483 of our commercial leaders, from 22 countries. For a full day!

He kept everyone engaged, motivated, entertained and learning throughout.

And his key messages stuck. Their learning that day has delivered measurable, long-lasting value to our company."

“I hired Andy for a day to work with my clients on sales and marketing. The response was fantastic, 100% of the audience were engaged, entertained and massively educated by Andy throughout the day. "This changes everything", "I have a lots of work to do - very exciting" and "He was funnier than some stand-up comics" were just some of the soundbites after the event.

Another client sent me a screen shot of a proposal win, using Andy's strategies, less than 24 hours after the event.

What I really noticed was that Andy has huge stage presence, whilst still being approachable, likeable and friendly. I also noticed that there were hardly any questions from the audience... this was because everyone "got it" immediately. The content was simple to understand, easy to implement, but at the same time ground-breaking.”

“Thanks to your input, this was the best conference that any of our audience could remember – we’ve never experienced a reception like it.”

"Andy is top of the list of people I recommend. I believe he's giving us an advantage over our competitors.”

Conferences are expensive.

But, whereas the costs are painfully evident, the resulting benefits are not. After all, your conferences should shape the year ahead, not just be remembered as a “good few days”.

Only two things matter with conferences: (1) people enjoy the day and (2) your business improves as a result. We help guarantee your next conference achieves both.

Our customers have chosen us – and we can help you – by:

  • Andy can deliver a high-impact keynote
  • Writing presentations for your other speakers, and coaching them how to wow the room
  • Creating conference themes and content that cause a dramatic improvement in performance
  • Ensuring your colleagues look forward to the conference, by creating pre-event anticipation-builds
  • Ensuring your colleagues take action after the conference, by creating post-event Actions Plans

Keynote topics

Andy helps conference audiences communicate better. Hire Andy, and he will ask you two questions:

  1. What do you want your audience to do differently after the conference?
  2. How will you know that they’ve done it?

Using your answers, he will create a bespoke keynote that will help you achieve these objectives.

Andy’s most popular keynotes include:

  • Compelling communications: persuade anyone to do anything
  • Impactful leadership: ensure your people buy into everything you say
  • Maximise contribution: play your part, so everyone wins
  • The Snowball Effect: communication techniques to make you unstoppable
  • The Jelly Effect: make your communication stick
  • Win-win selling: sell more by saying less
  • Powerful presentations: get results every time you speak
  • Network not not-work: business-building through relationship-building

Quick test: how do you stack up?

Think about your last conference…

  • What were the business benefits that it delivered?
  • Were these benefits long-term, or a short post-conference blip?
  • What follow-up did you do, to embed change? Did it work?
  • Which speakers caused a marked difference to the way your audience behaved?
  • Were key messages consistently, rigorously re-enforced before, during and after the conference?

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