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Ensuring you rocket ahead of the competition.

Andy Bounds helped Barclays secure a £2.6billion deal, one of our largest ever."

"We have just won our largest contract. Your work helped us differentiate ourselves from the competition."

"I learned more about sales pitching in that hour than any other hour I can remember."

"I had the honour of judging Andy at the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards. Needless to say, Andy won the award and was in a class of his own."

"Andy Bounds recently helped Barclays secure a £2.6billion deal, one of our largest ever."

Selling isn’t easy at the best of times.

But throw in some demanding customers, impressive competitors and a slow economy … well, selling’s arguably never been harder.

We can help you sell more. Our customers have chosen us – and we can help you – to:

  • Win business-critical opportunities
  • Create compelling sales presentations, and coach you how to deliver them
  • Develop a more customer-centric culture, so the customer truly is at the heart of everything you do
  • Create a value proposition that instantly and persuasively conveys the unique value you bring
  • Achieve long-term, measurable improvement in key areas – market share, conversion rates, lead generation, customer feedback etc
  • Build customer loyalty through creating and deploying customer intimacy programmes
  • Change your sales/marketing messages – less about what you do; more about what you cause for the customer
  • Coach Sales Managers how to coach improved performance from the sales team
  • Transform your sales training material, so the salesforce values it, and improves as a result of attending
  • Ensure your sales conferences lead to a dramatic and lasting increase in sales.

Quick test: how do you stack up?

  • Do you differentiate by focusing on your unique features, or the unique value/benefits you bring?
  • Does your marketing material say “we” more than “you”?
  • Do your proposals focus on your company’s past/present or the customer’s future?
  • Could – and do – your competitors give the same sales messages as you?
  • Have you done all you can to ensure your salesforce is better than the competition’s?
  • Does your salesforce prepare properly?
  • And do they follow-up?
  • Do your competitors have persuasive USPs that you can’t match?
  • Does your pitching team come across as a team? And do they excel during the Q&A?

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