"Andy Bounds taught me more about effective presenting than a lady who'd previously taught two US Presidents." Marketing legend, Drayton Bird

"Andy Bounds is an amazing speaker. He spoke to 483 of our commercial leaders, from 22 countries. For a full day! He kept everyone engaged and learning throughout."

"I learned more about sales pitching in that hour than any other hour I can remember."

Andy Bounds helps companies sell more and communicate better.

Awarded the title Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and described by AstraZeneca’s Global Communication Director as “a genius, whose advice can’t be ignored”, Andy’s insights and passion stem from the fact his Mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating from someone else’s point of view… a critical skill to master when persuading others!

Andy’s three books are all international best-sellers. The first was only kept off Amazon's #1 spot by Harry Potter!

Andy has worked in 40+ countries, with some of the world's largest and most famous companies, as well as for Governments, professional bodies and business experts. He's presented alongside experts from business (like Michael Gerber and Drayton Bird) and sport (like Manchester United's Assistant Manager Mike Phelan).

His core belief is “AFTERs drive everything. It's not what you say that counts. It’s what people do differently AFTER you’ve said it.”

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