Improve your communication

Your simple, yet highly effective, strategies are not only invaluable, but totally relevant for anyone wishing to be an effective communicator.”  KPMG

"Andy Bounds taught me more about effective presenting than a lady who'd previously taught two US Presidents."

“Andy did a great job of presenting at our regional meeting. The ‘test’ was not to have the Blackberries come out…and they didn’t!”

Inefficient, needless communications stifle companies.  They absorb so much resource and energy that it becomes impossible to succeed.  We can transform how you all communicate with each other.

Our customers have chosen us – and we can help you – to:

  • Teach your people how to communicate with influence and impact
  • Show how to get more done by saying less (‘less is more’)
  • Improve your meetings – clearer purpose, better agenda, more enjoyable…shorter
  • Transform presentations into dynamic, interactive dialogues that get things done
  • Create/re-write Communications Guidelines, so people always communicate the way you want
  • Remove the silo mentality amongst departments
  • Re-invigorate and re-position existing training and coaching products that have lost impact

Quick test: how do you stack up?

  • How much time do you waste every week because of poor communication?
  • What % of meetings could/should be shorter?
  • Is your inbox always rammed?
  • How often are you bored when you listen to others speak?
  • Do you have too many back-to-back meetings?
  • How often do people have to chase people for responses?

Want your critical communication to work?

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