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The four steps of a brilliant presentation (INCLUDES A VIDEO)

Tags: Be interesting | Presentations | Impact | Influencing

13th October

To prepare and deliver a brilliant presentation, four things must go right.

And this short video explains what they are (it’s taken from my video club).

Here’s the link: ‘Mastering the four steps of a brilliant presentation

But if you prefer to read not watch, here’s a short summary.

The four things are:

  • Compelling content. Include only the content you need to. Make it interesting, memorable and easy to follow. Keep it short and punchy. Have an engaging first slide to grab them early. End with a clear Call To Action
  • Impressive visuals. Don’t use wordy, boring slides. instead, only show crucial words, designed so they look nice
  • Interesting delivery. (1) Think what audiences find interesting (interactivity etc). And then (2) use that to be interesting (add questions to your script, so you ensure they interact)
  • Inner certainty. The better you feel on the inside, the better you’ll be on the outside. So, help yourself feel good. Practise. A lot. And remember: audiences want you to be interesting (nobody wants to be bored!)

Action Point

Next presentation? Nail all four!

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