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What we can learn about communication from Durex's Sex Survey

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23rd July

According to Durex’s survey, heterosexual men sleep with an average of 13 women in their life; whereas heterosexual women sleep with an average of 7 men.

Which I guess means that either heterosexual men sleep with each other; or someone’s lying…

You know, some things are just interesting, aren’t they?

Think of the things you find interesting: real life, hobbies, fascinating facts, humour, family, stories, travel, people speaking passionately about their favourite topics, fun, games, learning new things, variety, two-way dialogue…

Now ask yourself how many of these you see in other people’s business communications.

Not many, right?

And now ask yourself how many of these other people see in your communications.

Is it enough?

So, do you want to be interesting? Well, you’ll have to say things that others find interesting!

We all know this. But it’s easy to forget in our busy work lives. But it’s essential. In fact, here’s one final piece of evidence about interesting things causing the desired action…

Do you know what our biggest ever opening rate was for a Tuesday Tip?

It was for the one called “Christmas Quiz 2012”!

I wonder how well this one will do? I guess better than if I’d called it “communication skills”…

Action point

Be interesting today. For example:

  • Giving a presentation? Ask questions to stimulate interactivity
  • Running a meeting? Include personal and/or fun elements
  • Delivering a workshop? Put people in pairs so everyone talks

Everyone – especially you – will enjoy it more.

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