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Three icons to help ensure you’re interesting

Tags: Be interesting | Presentations | Impact

29th January

It’s important to be interesting. After all, you’re not going to achieve much if people switch off when you speak.

So, here's a simple technique to ensure you’re interesting every time:

1. Think of three things that you know people find interesting. For example:

  • Interactivity (group discussion, pairs etc.)
  • Insights that shift their thinking
  • Humour

2. Think of an icon that relates to each. In this case:

  • Speech bubbles, to show they're talking
  • Light bulbs, to signify a new idea
  • Smiley faces, for humour

3. When you’ve written a presentation, write these three icons where your content is interactive, new and funny

4. Review these icons to make sure:

  • There are enough of them. By “enough”, I mean at least 1-2 of each, often more. If there aren’t enough, add more
  • They're spaced out evenly (ish) throughout, so there are no lengthy boring bits. If needed, move some content around

And that’s it. It’s very simple. It’s very effective.

And it means that, before you start speaking, you know there are lots of “interesting bits”. This is great for your confidence as a presenter…

… and even better for your audience!

Action point

For your next presentation, try this approach. You might use different “interesting things”/icons of course, but make sure there are some in there.

After all, if there aren’t any “interesting bits”, you’re not going to be interesting.

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